Mechanical Services

FASTCO provides a complete line of design, construction, and installation services. From helping you plan design changes on existing equipment, to designing and building new equipment and providing skilled on-site installation.

We believe efficiency is the key to success. Turnaround time is critical when a plant needs equipment rebuilt or installed – and it has to be done right. When it’s time for you next outtage, call us at FASTCO. We’ll give you a top quality job with minimum down time.

FASTCO’s Mechanical Services Include:

  •   Conveyor Results (Pan, Belt, Chain, and Drag Type)
  •   Feeder System Repairs and Rebuilds
  •   Pump Repair / Partial Rebuilds
  •   Bearing Replacement and Repairs
  •   Drive System Repairs (Shafts, Gears, Sprockets, Chains, and Belts)
  •   Install and Align Motors, Fans, and Pumps
  •   Boiler Grate Systems, Repairs, Rebuilds, and New Installations
  •   Soot Blower Repairs and Replacement
  •   Repairs to Ventilation and Dust Collection Systems
  •   Repairs and Modifications to Kiln Systems
  •   Repairs and Modifications to Lumber Handling Systems
  •   Repairs to Fuel Handling Systems
  •   Repairs to Ash Handling Systems
  •   Repairs to Cooling Tower Systems